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BoP’s Favorite Candle for Working on a Computer


We swear by burning this Made in Huntington, CA soy candle while you work.

Eucalyptus + Spearmint scent clarifies the air; seems to take the light toxins right out of your stinging eyeballs and tired head. Breath deep for a moment; bring some air into the brain. Research shows that many people ‘stop’ breathing while working at the computer. Something about holding your breath as you ‘click here,’ ‘reply’ or ‘send’… never mind ‘open’ or ‘download.’

There is something inherently nice about these lovely office candles. They offset doldrums; bring some creativity to the mundane. Or use them where ever and whenever you like to ‘clarify,’ ‘awaken,’ and/or ‘smell fresh air.’

Leoben recommends allowing a full wax pool first before extinguishing.