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Past Reading Room Gallery Shows

Oliver Westermeier, part of the Brooks' Five

Oliver Westermeier arrived in New York to pursue a career in art after receiving training as an illustrator in Munich, Germany.  He established a fine furniture restoration studio and currently works with blue-chip clients and renowned artists.  Westermeier tends to create series, pursuing ideas until he has exhausted their possibilities.  Recently, Westermeier has been working digitally, creating sketches on an iPad.  These daily visual exercises respond to stimuli from a variety of sources, often verbal or written phrases that he encounters in everyday life in the New York art world. This series, "Selfless Selfies," created during the pandemic, features 180 vibrant images, most of them figurative. They are intended to be seen on a large screen, and this 20 minute mp4 file will be minted as an NFT as soon as we figure out where ethereum is going.

Exhibit with permission of the University of Munich/Permanent White Rose Installation
The below video is a series of nine photographs reproduced with permission of the University of Munich/Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet/Weisse Rose Stiftung. These 24 x 36" posters tell the story of the Scholl siblings, Hans and Sophie, who, together with Christoph Probst, formed an organized resistance against the Nazis. From 1942 until their capture and execution in 1943, they recruited over sixty fellow Germans, wrote five editions of anti-Third Reich leaflets, reproduced and distributed them throughout southern Germany. BoP's Reading Room Director, Alexandra Lehmann, helps to represent the LMU White Rose Foundation in the United States, and as part of her work, shared these stunning black and white photographs, dating from 1933-1942 in May, 2021. For more information about showing these nine photographs at your institution, school or learning center, please email