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Handmade Block Printing

Beach House continued in 2022 because handmade block printing with ancient Indian wood blocks and our marine stamps form a perfect compliment for one another. This exquisite art form, almost musical in its creation, marries the motifs from our ocean habitat - fish, birds, shells and even a whale tail. Handmade block printing, however is not at all like the popular lifestyle brand Pomegrante. Although we are inspired by this company's beautiful work (and especially India Hicks), we proudly call ourselves 'perfectly imperfect.' RHODY MADE by hand. There will be imperfections. Ink will be set unevenly (but will NOT bleed when washed). Fabrics are upcycled and repurposed.
In Progress from BoP Artist Studio. "Galilee Nights"
In Progress from BoP Artist Studio. "Galilee Nights"
Beach House from BoP's Artist Studio
Beach House Prints combines the ancient Indian block art technique with stamps carved by the late Jon Campbell. We contracted Jon to create his signature 'flounder' and 'piping plover (you may know his pigeon series).'  In 2020, Beach House, formerly Raj by the Sea, created whimsical, beautiful and one-of-a-kind prints on hand rolled Nepalese paper.
As we continued with growing artistry, skill and patience, we learned that artificial intelligence is stealing and/or destroying the block printing culture in India (why create by hand when computers can design for you)? Here in Charlestown, Rhode Island, we are inspired to continue. In Jon's memory, and knowing he would want us to keep creating, albeit as imperfectly as we do, carving our own stamps of mussels and a whale tail.
Beach House Prints continues the wooden block, hand printed Indian traditions - every year getting a little bit better at understanding the rhythm of Indian block printing and 'marrying' the wood block forms with Jon's and our stamps. For a wonderful description of this craft, please visit Saffron Marigold's website.
Thank you for your interest in Beach House creations; now found in reclaimed leather journals, hand rolled paper and reclaimed fabric napkins. Beach House can be found for sale at the Field of Artisans' Sunday Market at The General Stanton this summer (2023). You may also email [email protected] for more information on acquiring and/or ordering custom print.

Find us 2023 at the General's Market/Sundays